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Excellent B&W image. You've captured not only tones, texture and form but shared an emotional experience with us all.


lovely shot! very strong, and it tells a million stories. congratulations - keep up the good work!


An amazing image, technically as well as emotionally. The feet draw you into the right into the image. The b&w is the perfect treatment. Well seen and captured.

Maryanne Moll

this photo is fabulous. i love your site. keep it up.


It's an unfortunate position to be in, but a brutally honest image. Great shot.


Stunning composition, but extremely depressing. Fantastic shot!


This shot is absolutely phenomenal. Those two feet tell more about the story of poverty than all the statics in the world.


I too thought this was a corpse on first look.

Really emotional shot. I want to sat 'nice work' - but there is little 'nice' about this. You have captured it well.


Yikes, the idea of this picture is pretty scary. (but its captured well)


Powerful image.


what a sad photo...and you've captured it beautifully.

Luis Liwanag

Hey Sidney...your Images are getting closer to the ground...what happened to your bright outlook ;-). Frankly... I reelly like your latest images.More power and heart to your shooting-Luis


Sad painful photo but brilliant capture, full of emotions, a photo that best describes the state of my country right now. well done.


oh my. your photos just keep getting better and better. this is astounding work sidney.

Blogger in Switzerland

Powerful photo, Sidney. Well done! (I think it's one of your best shots.)


my favorite...really great photos interm of artistic and emotional
:-) beautiful in bw


That is heart-wrenching, like seeing something from a concentration camp. :-(


the best present day street photograph i've seen so far, bar none! you have outdone yourself once more, Sidney.

Your recent entries have caused me to change the way I look at your images. I don't consider your photographs as outsider's view anymore. You have managed to penetrate the heart of our society, of my country. And what no one of us have done, you are able to do.

David Kapp

This is really amazing. I've not read the other comments yet, so I'm sure I'll just repeat what others have said.

I can't get over the dirty and worn feet. I wonder how long its been since a bath or shower, and how long he has been living on the streets. Had he always lived that way, or did something change in his life along the way.


Everything has already been said, photography is a very powerful and effective weapon when we want to touch people.
You're an incredible photographer.


Fucking incredible shot.

Exclamation point.



what strikes me is that he has his legs crossed just as I do when kicking back and watching tv, adding an odd note of comfort to an otherwise desolate scene


oh my... for a minute, I thought the legs belonged to a corpse.


Very powerful. Makes us all a little more socially conscious.


This is what I call excellent shot.

May all those rich and powerful people, who does not care, would see this and let this stick to their minds and concience.

May they have sleepless night till they do something to help them.

May they come to their senses and let them realize that sooner or later, this will be their photo in the hereafter.

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